Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Trend Japanese Body Modification

Shown with alien-style face? Monster? Or anime character? Video game character? Everything can be done with body modification!
Nowadays, young Japanese again infatuated with Body Modification. In the clubs of Osaka and Tokyo, found many young people with a strange face or body shape body-mod results.

Materials used for this mod is a saline body .. that is the material often used for breast implants.
Saline fluid is injected into the part that would be modified, or can also be infused.

It was how?
Body mod expert said Sasori, "If the fluid is injected into the head, it will feel heavy and dizzy. But that is NOTHING if we've emang pengen intention to be different & unique."

Expert international body mod Samppa Von Cyborg to visit Japan every 4 months, as demand for the procedure body mod-increasing from day to day. "The young Japanese was very extreme and always wanted to be different."

Girl in body modification! also ,!!!!!

The "Boys Want to mod the head (to make the horns) .. look at his hands already in the mod. Women are willing to mod the hands (make additional muscle).

The process of making a "horn"

Insert a saline solution with the technique of "infusions" to modify facial & head